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What is UniSyllabi?

Best app for any degree, PG and high school student. UniSyllabi has brought all students study requirements in single app. Need not to worry about new syllabus. Unisyllabi will update it time to time.

Not only syllabus but also question papers will be easy to access. Just login and start studying. Its absolutely FREE

Now students need not to carry syllabus on paper or in pdf form. Just select your university and course and updated syllabus and university exam question papers will be available automatically.

Following courses are availabile in Unisyllabi-

    BE – All Courses
   ME – All Courses
   MBA – All
   MCA –
   B.Sc – All Courses
   MCA – Science
   B. Pharm  
   BCom BBM



Store your notes in the app

You get multiple options of storing notes in the form of text, images and pdf notes. Now you don’t have to search for images or other files in your mobile memory or gallery. Just open syllabus and select notes and you will find your notes.

College time-table-

Create your college time table in just 2-3 minutes. Share with your friends. Use any time, it’s in your Unisyllabi app only.

Library book reminder-

Forgot to return your book in the library? No worries. Now you have Unisyllabi app. Just have a look at the library feature in Unisyllabi app. 

How to use UniSyllabi-

  1. How to download syllabus in UniSyllabi?

Follow the steps below-

  1. Download UniSyllabi app from the app store.
  2. Install and login with your gmail id.
  3. Select your University
  4. Select your semester and course.
  5. click ‘Done’ and view your syllabus.

See the images below-


  1. Multiplesemester?How to download multiple semester syllabus in UniSyllabi?

You may need to download 2-3 semester syllabus as per your requirement.

Unisyllabi has made is far easy.

  1. Go to syllabus section from your dashboard in Unisyllabi app
  2. Click the ‘+’ tab at the righ corner downside of the screen
  3. And select desired university, semister course again and done.
  4. In syllabus section now you will see the list of syllabuses you have added.
  5. Now you can add even other semisters just by clicking ‘+’ tab.

How to create college timetable in UniSyllabi?

Creating your college timetable in Unisyllabi is easier than creating it in MS word. Follow the steps below-

  1. Go to college time table from your Unisyllabi dashboard.
  2. Click on the ‘+’ sign at the below corner righ side.
  3. Choose the time period from the clock.
  4. Select the subject from the drop down list.

Sharing timetable?

Follow the steps-

  1. Open the time table that you want to share to your friend.
  2. You will see menu on the top right corner.
  3. Select ‘Export option’. You will go to whatsapp.
  4. Now select your friends in whatsapp. They will receive one file in whatsapp chat.
  5. Ask your friends to open UniSyllabi, go to college timetable.
  6. Ask them to open menu on the top right corner and select ‘import’ option.
  7. Its done.
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