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Unisyllabi will be very much useful for the students who are studying in university and referring their  University syllabus in the form of PDF files

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All these think in one app

University syllabus

University Syllabus You can find updated syllabus of your university course. Now no more pdf syllabus you need. You can select the optional subjects and add them in your syllabus.

College time table

college Time Table Create your college time table in just 2-3 minutes. Share with your friends. Use any time, it’s in your Unisyllabi app only.

Book library

Book library function just feed the name of the book and this feature will remind you one day before & on the last day of returning the book


Also you can suggest what more student need o have in unisyllabi Our team will work on it and we together can make unisyllabi more useful to the student

Question papers

In this section you can find enough number of old question paper

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Share unisyllabi app with your friends let then also aware about the features of unisyllabi

question papers and syllabus available on unisyllabi

What is UniSyllabi? Best app for any degree, PG and high school student. UniSyllabi has brought all students study requirements in single app. Need not to worry about new syllabus. Unisyllabi will update it time to time. Not only syllabus but also question papers will be easy to access. Just login and start studying. Its absolutely FREE Now students need not to carry syllabus on paper or in pdf form. Just select your university and course and updated syllabus and university exam question papers will be available automatically.

UniSyllabi - what's special about it ?

syllabus and quetion papers

Where is my syllabus that will guide me through my studies?

Are you having exams soon? Are you struggling to find the syllabus of your subjects? Are you searching

for your syllabus in your college sack, on your study table, in your cupboard, where all did you search for

the syllabus….?

What is the usual scenario when student’s exams are fast approaching?

Students will need following things to prepare themselves for the exams: –

 Syllabus to understand the various topics that he has to study

 Previous Question papers to understand the formats of questions and the marks allotted that he

can expect for the exam

 Short notes to help recapitulate important points

Other features that a student normally requires is :-

 College Time table to plan his day in the college and his studies

 Book Library feature which would set a reminder for returning and renewal of books

One place that students can find all these features together is an online website or mobile app.

Where can students find such a useful application?

Unisyllabi is an application which provides all the above features to the students. This will help the

students to prepare hassle free for the exams by curbing the time required to find all these at one place.

With Unisyllabi you can relax and prepare for exams peacefully.

User say about UniSyllabi App ?

Vivek netke 

Pune university student 

I have exams in the next week. Finally, I began the preparations for the exams. The first thing that I

needed was the syllabus. After a frantic search, I found the Syllabus in the drawer of my study table,

kept neatly in a book. I went through the syllabus very carefully and started my studies meticulously

reading each topic from various books that I had borrowed from my library.

I studied each topic to the finest details and was now fully confident that I am well prepared for my


The D Day arrived. It was my first paper. I confidently arrived at the exam centre and found my seat.

Soon the question paper was distributed. I started reading my question paper. When I read the last

question, I was totally taken aback. I didn’t know the answer to the question. I had not prepared

anything on the mentioned topic. In fact, the topic was not at all mentioned in the syllabus. I thought

the last question was out of the purview of the given syllabus.

I then enquired the same with the supervisor. He said that the topic was very much mentioned in the

syllabus. This change was made by the University at the beginning of the Academic year and the revised

syllabus is available on the University website.

I was taken by a surprise. I did not know that the syllabus of the University was changed and lost marks

as I was not prepared to answer the last question. I was feeling sad thereafter.

If only I had checked the latest syllabus, I could have easily gained a good grade. I narrated my entire

story to one of my friends. He said he always referred to the latest syllabus. He used an application

called Unisyllabi. Unisyllabi is a portal where one could find the updated syllabi of various courses from

different University at one click. At the same time one can find previous question papers and also study

notes on Unisyllabi. Unisyllabi is a friend at the times of exams !

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